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League of legends – all cinematic trailer (2019)

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League Of Legends – All Cinematic Trailer (2019)


0:01 Awaken | Cinematic - League of Legends

3:27 Ryze: Call of Power | Cinematic - League of Legends

8:54 The Light Within | Cinematic - League of Legends

11:27 A New Dawn | Cinematic - League of Legends

17:28 A Twist of Fate | Cinematic - League of Legends

21:50 Xayah and Rakan: Wild Magic | Cinematic - League of Legends

25:00 The Climb | Cinematic - League of Legends

27:09 Odyssey | Cinematic - League of Legends

29:35 Welcome to League of Legends


League of Legends ALL Cinematic Trailer: Awaken, Ryze Call of Power, Xayah and Rakan Wild Magic, A New Dawn, A Twist of Fate, The Light Within!


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